Our Copywriting Expertise

Getting visitors to your site relies on a great product or service as well as optimisation in search engines. Keeping them on your site requires interesting and informative text plus good design and imagery. Careful choice of words, interesting descriptions and the right information will not only keep your customer interested but can help your ranking on search engines too. If you find yourself a little lost for words, we can help by writing copy that helps the search engines find you, keeps your customer interested and, most of all, stay on your website instead of looking elsewhere.

Every website relies on text but poorly written copy can have a dramatic effect on both sales and page ranking by the major search engines. The text should be easily read and understood by visitors and help them to make an informed choice before buying. Anything less, or even too much, can cause uncertainty and the loss of a sale. Most importantly, search engines rely on written content to analyse a site. Algorithms scrutinise every word for relevance, quality of content and the correct use of keywords as part of the ranking process.


Articles and blogs are a great source of information for potential customers. Because they’re less focused on ‘selling’ there is naturally less pressure to buy but carefully placed keywords and links can pay dividends by gently guiding the reader to your website. The benefits from multiple but unique articles carefully placed within relevant blogs can be significant providing they are well written and conform to good SEO practises.[/fusion_old_tab]

With SEO and the need for clear and concise information so important across all media, it can be difficult to make writing interesting let alone entertaining. However, a little creative writing can make a huge difference to the most mundane of subjects. It may take a few simple changes to the structure or a complete rewrite but it’s very important to match the writing style to the intended publication and readership.[/fusion_old_tab]

Press releases, advertisements, flyers, posters and just about any printed or virtual media needs to grab attention. From the headline to the content and sign off, good copywriting can add impact and increase returns. Of course, some subjects need to be handled differently or require another approach but whatever your product or service we can help.[/fusion_old_tab]

Technical writing doesn’t have to be technical! In fact, too much jargon can confuse the reader and some instructions need writing so they’re easy to follow using everyday terms. We’d never suggest writing a complex pharmaceutical document for example without specialist help but in many cases carefully written, factual content is all that is required for websites and printed literature.[/fusion_old_tab] [/fusion_old_tabs]

Business Start-up Packages

[tagline_box link=”https://www.mseye-design.co.uk/business-start-up-packages/” button=”Find out more..” title=”Stay within budget with our fixed price packages” description=”We understand starting a business is not cheap, so we’ve put together some fixed price packages to keep you within budget.”][/fusion_tagline_box]