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Your website is your shop window for potential customers to view your products and services, read about your customer care and, if they like what they see, place an order. Unlike a high street shop however, there may be millions of other websites selling similar products so the question you need to ask is ‘how will they find you? Getting your business noticed above the competitors should be your number one priority and this is where search engine optimisation or SEO can make a massive difference. In fact, with good SEO, your site has the potential to rise from obscurity to the first page of Google. Or put another way, the number one position in the high street! To sell you first need to be seen and we have an enviable reputation for successful SEO, raising customer awareness from the relatively unknown to high rankings across multiple search engines.

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Reciprocal linking between websites used to be regarded as an important part of search engine optimisation but has gradually become redundant. Google and other search engines have become much smarter at determining whether links are natural and based on good practise, which means they need to come from trusted and relevant sites. The Google algorithm is incredibly advanced and makes countless checks to test whether links are natural and genuine, marking down sites that use any form of artificially created linking. The key to high rankings is therefore to understand those algorithms and generate good, solid links that Google and other search engines both trust and value.

With the internet becoming a bigger and bigger part of people’s lives every day, you might think that it’s the best place to look for help with your blogs, web content, and SEO material. Of course it can be if you know what you’re looking for but good copywriting for websites is a little different to writing for almost any other medium. Naturally you want to be sure that you are hiring ethical and effective writers and getting the most possible value for your money. What you also need are articles that are of high quality, are rich in original content, and contain proper keyword density. Content needs to be engaging and interesting not only to the reader but to the search engines too. That means really separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to SEO content writers. Let’s take a closer look at what you should look for.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘user friendly’ and one of the goals of web masters is to make the site as accessible as possible to both human visitors and search engines. People with physical or technical restrictions need to be considered of course but a site also has to respond to different devices from tiny mobile phone screens to large monitors and giant TVs. Search engines, however, see things differently. They can’t ‘see’ and evaluate photographs or multimedia for example and rely on good search engine optimisation within the code and text to both in order to return optimal results. Crucially, good accessibility can bring more people to your site and even increase rankings in search engines.

Good SEO relies on an understanding of the way search engines interrogate and, by way of complex algorithms, rank sites according to many different factors. These factors change all the time in an effort to exclude irrelevant sites or those using spam or non organic tactics to increase ranking artificially. In the process, a lot of data is analysed that gives an insight into behaviour patterns and it is expected that the results will be incorporated into future algorithms. Knowing what the search engines are likely to incorporate in the future is vital if site rankings are to be maintained or improved.